What People Are Saying

I have loved the Mindfulness Programme, it's helped me stay centered, focused and mindful. I loved how practice it was and all the MCBT exercises were very enlightening for me. It's brought so much clarity, presence and sense of security within myself and I'm so much more responsive rather than reactive and I have a bigger capacity within me to hold and allow whatever situation arises. I really enjoyed Chris's teaching style and all the tools and practices shared. Thank you so much.
Jenna Lea
This was my first time doing anything related to Mindfulness Practice. However, I’d like to believe this is the best Mindfulness Course. I say that on the authority of how it has transformed my mental state. My intention was to develop a mental forte particularly focusing on the discipline of what gets into my mind and what gets out. This program contains the truths and exercises I so dearly needed to achieve my mission. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of the program and Chris for his outstanding performance as our “coach”. Highly recommend!
simba copy
This has been an eye-opening experience that has taught me more about what it means to be mindful. The course teaches us to be empathetic- to ourselves and those around us. It gives you the permission to take intentional time for yourself. who doesn't need that? The strategies you learn are do-able and you can incorporate them into your daily life.
When I joined the program I was not able to embrace mindfulness, and thank the practices I have learned to identify important things my feelings and thoughts, and how to cope with them. I have also been able to integrate it in my work schedule which i feel is very impactful in my work out come.
I was looking forward to learning more on mindful meditation and how I can apply some of the learnings with my clients in therapy. The sessions taught me more mindful activities beyond meditation like gratitude, taking walks, identifying activities that nourish or deplete me, and being conscious of my thoughts and bodily sensations, and impulses. Definitely worth the time spent.
The whole experience on this MBCT-L course was amazing. I would say it was a life changing experience. I learned a lot from it and will take them into my daily practice and my life.
I would recommend the program to anyone seeking to understand themselves better. The program helped me connect to myself on a deeper level, be kinder to myself as well as more compassionate toward my feelings. choices and actions.
Chris offers compassionate mentorship throughout the program, holding space for each participant. The course progresses in a natural and meaningful way, with the practices guiding students to arrive at each learning point through their own experience.
This course has been a life changing experience. My intention was to build a stronger connection with my body and be more present in everyday life. I have learned many tools that I can use in stressful situations and and normal situations too. I've explored how to find positivity and gratitude during different times which I am already benefitting from hugely. Chris is a very approachable and understanding teacher and I would 100% recommend his course to anyone welcoming more peace and clarity in their lives. I have gained many tools that I now use regularly in my everyday life. This is also an opportunity to be part of a community where you can create a close bond with others.
Very relaxing, fun and helpful program to understand the Power of Mindfulness and shaping healthier thoughts, emotions and actions. Thank you Chris for your amazing guidance and for bringing such a great group of people for this Cohort.
There’s no quick fix to establish lifelong habits, but this 8-week program certainly builds a very strong foundation to create a better everyday. Chris is a wonderful teacher and engages each student into the course with curiosity, patience, and compassion. Each lesson was filled with many different practices, a good mix of both longer meditations as well as practical tools for everyday. I hope to attend more of Chris’ programs in the future and give it my highest recommendations.
Throughout the 8 weeks I've learned a wide variety of techniques that have enabled me to come to grips with the present moment. I've discovered that through mediation, mindful breathing, and awareness of my bodily sensations, I can accept and even question the habits that define my present moment. Overall, I feel less anxious, lighter, and more courageous.
I came into the program not knowing what meditation and mindfulness was, but the lessons and practices that I have learnt through the session has made me aware of the values, the things that are important to me and most importantly how to take care of myself. I would highly recommend the program as it is facilitated by great expertise, and mostly the group that you work with will feel like a close connected friends who will help you practice the mindfulness.
Whether you are a beginner or a long-term practitioner of mindfulness, this MBCT-L program provides something for people of all experience levels to deepen their exploration into mindfulness practice. It is a journey to understand mindfulness, but also a journey to understand oneself. Chris has done a wonderful job of introducing the practices and encouraging us to grow.
The course can help you increase awareness of taking care yourself and getting connected with your body and feelings. You can also take away kinds of useful skills to help you clean mess of thoughts, transform negative feelings to peace through allowing and raise up awareness to calm down when facing challenges.
This 8-weeks training have been very impactful thanks to Chris for all the wonderful sessions, the training has taught me non judgemental , how to cope with people instead of avoiding them. It has taught me on how to pay attention to my body , thought and emotions.
This program had a significant impact on my life and my daily habits. I learned a number of practical ways to approach the ins and outs of life. But the biggest impact for me was the awareness I have gained about myself personally - my thoughts, feelings, and how I approach everyday life and relationships.
I found the programme and the practical exercises very helpful. I learned to be more mindful, present and compassionate to myself. Thanks for this experience, Chris. I definitely recommend.
It is one of the best way to know yourself better, and a way to find how lovely life is.
This programme has really helped me to focus on strategies to cope with anxiety and to give me a chance to meet with others who are like-minded. Being able to share the journey with them was great.